Hoshi Bar

Friday, May 19, 2006


* I'll write about Melonpans here! I'll try to find a lot of kinds of Melonpans for you!
But, you have to wait a bit because I didn't buy any melonpans for next morning!
Let's see it ,shall we?

(#) .....well,it's a lovely Melonpan!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dublin 4th-6th November 2005

* Eventually I'm writing about Dublin where reminds me of one of my flat mate in London. How you doing????

* What is this strange vegetable??? I had never seen it! They looked like dinosaurs! Very funny!!!!!

* This lovely building is an information centre! Very funny!!!!! And very lovely!!!!!

* Visiting the Gunness factory was one of the most important thing in this trip! I found guness phones.

* The view from the top of the factory. Whish is beautiful! But,here isn't for only looking down the city. For tasting free gunness as well!

* We had one pint of gunness for each in free at the bar of course. I love gunness very much!!!!

* He must have had a lot of pints of gunness last night. He is still speaching. ...or singing.

* Green green green, everything is Green in Ireland.

* We've been vrey lucky for the weather! Maybe, my darling booked the good weather too,maybe!!! Thank you!

*I wanted to drink more pints of gunness! See you!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


* I bought these boots in Camden town. In fact I had been looking for them. About one month ago, I saw a girl who was wearing boots which were exactly the same as this picture´s ones. and I asked her where she got them but, the answer was California! That time I gave up having them. But now, eventually I´ve got them!!!! however, here is a poblem that they are so lovely that I cannot wear!!!


*It´s just perfect to be mine!! Small! beautifil!! cool!!! ... maybe it´s too perfect for me...oh no....

*Kasha Kasha*
* Thanks Panda! Eventually,I bought the camare shaped badge. I´m very happy.

* I´ve got a lovely necklace. The top is a little blue & gold ball. There are butterflies and flowers on it. Oh no..it´s so lovely....But it´s not only lovely.....

* In fact this beautiful accesory is a watch!! Ohh Nooo! Absolutely lovely!!!!!!!!!

* BuuBuu*

A pig shaped lighter:800 yen. When I saw this lighter in e-bay, I just wanted it to be mine. So now It´s my pet. You can´t imagin how funny when you see double fire from its nose.

A lovely Scottish kilt coin case: 200 yen. I found it at a souveni shop in Leicester Square station. I just love this cap shape.